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Remind me of the days we used to be

Used to live, used to know- Who are we now?

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Name:✬ Your voice is the only one that can reach me ✬
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Website:what remains


"Look back in silence; the cradle of your whole life.
There in the distance, losing it's greatest pride.
Nothing is easy, nothing is sacred. Why?
Where did the bow break?
It happened before your time.

There were people there, lovely as you've ever been.
Baby you can start again.
Laughing in the open air; have yourself another dream.
Baby we can start again."

~ "Only the Young", Brandon Flowers

A difficult road, a hard choice. This is the life I knew, still know, still follow even now. It's not easy, full of anger and a lot of frustrations that most people shouldn't go through on a daily basis. But what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

It's our decision to move from where we are or to stay put. Whether it's right or wrong is something to consider, but not place all our hopes on. In the end it's up to us to change.

[[tl;dr i am a crazy person and loads of fun 8Db plus i like being poetic for no reason, go figure

journal is friends only, it's used as a ranting place and for wip for art- fangirling over certain fandoms happens on occasion as well]]

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